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Speaker Interview: Ambros Scope

Get to know the thought leaders sharing their insights at the Future Work Scenarios event (12 May, London) in our dedicated speaker interview series.


Independent Forums: What are you currently reading? Ambros Scope: Moby Dick by Herman Melville and Anéantir by Michel Houellebecq

Independent Forums: What is your favourite way to recharge? Ambros Scope: Maintaining our old farmhouse in Austria and looking at our children when they sleep

Independent Forums: Who or what has inspired you this year and why? Ambros Scope: Arnold Schwarzeneggers’ message to the Russian people

Independent Forums: What is your biggest source of motivation? Ambros Scope: Challenges

Independent Forums: How would you describe a typical day? Ambros Scope: A rollercoaster ride through family, work and myself

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know? Ambros Scope: I enjoy repairing Vintage HiFi.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about your organisation that you wish more people knew? Ambros Scope: That Zurich Insurance Switzerland is a very innovative and interesting place to work for

Independent Forums: What habit have you picked up during the pandemic that you will maintain in future? Ambros Scope: Jogging

Independent Forums: How has your perception about the world of work evolved over the past two years? Ambros Scope: Our planet and society are more fragile than ever; we need to take care of both.

Independent Forums: Where do you see the biggest opportunity to transform the way we work? Ambros Scope: A hybrid and flexible way of work benefits the company, the customers, the employees and the planet.

Independent Forums: What are you most looking forward to at Future Work Scenarios 2022? Ambros Scope: Learning from interesting people and enjoying a medium strength beer in a pub


Ambros Scope will deliver an insightful case study on how Zurich Insurance built a Top 100 Leadership Programme during the pandemic. He will also explore the role of co-creation, blended learning and first steps into the metaverse at the Future Work Scenarios event on 12 May in London.

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