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Speaker Interview: Anna Roe

Get to know the thought leaders sharing their insight at the Future Work Scenarios event (11 May, London) in our dedicated speaker interview series.


Independent Forums: What are you currently reading? Anna Roe: A book I really enjoyed reading recently was Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I like the way this is put into an example to help you understand, but additionally having sat on a few different leadership teams there are parts of the characters that you can often see in yourself and others that helps you relate.

Independent Forums: What is your favourite way to recharge?

Anna Roe: Day to day I enjoy walking my dog, Kaishi. My partner and I go out super early in the morning. I like the peace and space to think during this time.

Independent Forums: Who or what has inspired you this year and why?

Anna Roe: It might sound cliché, but Mind Foundry's co-founder, Mike Osborne, has been a real inspiration. His paper on the future of AI in work, written a decade ago, has had a significant impact on various sectors. Personally, before joining Mind Foundry I did not know the significance of this paper, or how much Mike has gone on to drive government initiatives or to help us understand how AI can impact the future of work. Part of why I suspect I never knew this is his humility, which to me makes him all the more inspiring.

Independent Forums: What is your biggest source of motivation?

Anna Roe: I like to make a difference. We spend so much of our time at work and being able to play a key part in helping to make that part of someone's day-to-day life better is powerful.

Independent Forums: How would you describe a typical day?

Anna Roe: Honestly, it could be anything and that’s what appeals to me. I work in a small team, within a growing company, and therefore my day can be anything from recruitment to working on completely overhauling Mind Foundry’s rewards strategy. But mostly it involves talking to the team to understand what they want from their work life and ensuring the best way to deliver this.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Anna Roe: When I was 19 my car was used in the filming of Fast and Furious 6 and was featured in the UK premier at Leicester Square.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about your organisation that you wish more people knew?

Anna Roe: The exceptional humility and intelligence of the Mind Foundry team. I work with some of the brightest minds tackling complex problems responsibly, which is truly empowering.

Independent Forums: How has your perception about the world of work evolved over the past three years?

Anna Roe: COVID has left a lasting impact on the work environment, with employees placing a higher value on flexibility and how they are treated.

Independent Forums: Where do you see the biggest opportunity to transform the way we work?

Anna Roe: Currently, ChatGPT is an intriguing game changer in the way we work. I've been experimenting with it recently and have enjoyed using it. But this is for personal use at the moment and I’m thinking about how we could potentially use this responsibility within a People function.

Independent Forums: What are you most looking forward to at Future Work Scenarios 2023? Anna Roe: I’m looking forward to meeting other People Leaders, as we can often feel isolated in our workplaces. It's great to learn from individuals across various organisations.


Anna Roe will join a panel exploring the future of reward on 11 May in London.

Register here to join the conversation.


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