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Speaker Interview: Véronique Vuillod

Get to know the thought leaders sharing their insights at the Future Work Scenarios event (12 May, London) in our dedicated speaker interview series.


Independent Forums: What are you currently reading?

Véronique Vuillod: The last book I read was The Culture Map by Erin Mayer. With CCEP now operating in 29 countries, it was an insightful and useful read. I also like to keep up to date with world current affairs, so I regularly check my phone for news. However, with the recent and devastating events in Ukraine I’ve found anxiety rising, so I have restricted myself to checking the news only one or two times daily.

Independent Forums: What is your favourite way to recharge?

Véronique Vuillod: Without a doubt, it is spending time with my family. I also have a passion for Modern and Impressionist art, so I love to go to museums or visit exhibitions.

Independent Forums: Who or what has inspired you this year and why?

Véronique Vuillod: The resilience of people around the globe as we continue to face climate challenges and vulnerability, societal, social and economic uncertainty.

Independent Forums: What is your biggest source of motivation?

Véronique Vuillod: My biggest motivation is to know that together we can make a difference and have an impact on society with strong social commitments.

Independent Forums: How would you describe a typical day?

Véronique Vuillod: Busy and rewarding! A typical day is managing multi-channel communications (text messages, WhatsApp, emails, teams) with different people across the globe! A good day is when I reach out to my stakeholders with success (my CEO, the board, my peers) and with my team, with clear purpose, the right involvement and decision making.

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Véronique Vuillod: I value my freedom, I stand high for values. On a more personal note, I love dancing and singing. 😊

Independent Forums: What’s one thing about your organisation that you wish more people knew?

Véronique Vuillod: We are a company with purpose. Our commitment to Sustainability and the S of ESG is exceptional.

Independent Forums: How has your perception of the world of work evolved over the past two years?

Véronique Vuillod: My perception has shifted massively. It has made me question the purpose of life and purpose of work. The speed at which things are evolving around us has required us to transform and adapt even more rapidly to new and emerging trends and challenges, such as high inflation, talent and labor shortages, health, safety and wellbeing, hybrid flexible working, immigration and workforce trends… and more!

Independent Forums: Where do you see the biggest opportunity to transform the way we work?

Véronique Vuillod: I believe the power has shifted to people and mutual prosperity, so we must now:

1. Be human-centric in everything we do and in our decision making (human-first digital, leading with care, safety well-being at the heart of everything we do).

2. Empower people productivity with smart technology, recruit for learning agility and not past skills, reskill and upskill.

3. Be an inclusive workplace.

Independent Forums: What are you most looking forward to at Future Work Scenarios 2022?

Véronique Vuillod: Its technology and transformation with human centric strategies and shared vision of future workforce planning and the workplace.


Véronique Vuillod will join a panel discussion exploring the intersection between sustainability, purpose, culture, and transformation at the Future Work Scenarios event on 12 May in London.

Register here to join the discussion.


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